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AdBlue in 1000 litre Micromatic IBCs

AdBlue in 1000 litre Micromatic IBCs

AdBlue in 1000 litre Micromatic IBCs

Product Code: AD950


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Returnable* IBC filled with 1000L of AdBlue®.


This IBC is fitted with a premium stainless steel coupling system giving:

  • Maximum product protection
  • Increased equipment life
  • Increased reliability
  • Reduced downtime & lifetime cost

Discharge is achieved by connecting a compatible pump, there is no bottom outlet tap. Once the IBC is empty we will collect it when delivering a full replacement. The empty unit is then taken to one of our bulk distribution centres for professional inspection and refilling.



Base 1210mm x 1010mm, Height 1170mm

Weight: 1090kg net 1160kg gross.

Equipment recommendations:

AD973 Basic electric pump (230V AC) or AD873 (12V DC)

AD974 Pro electric pump (230V AC) or AD874 (12V DC)

AD987 Coupler upgrade kit to convert an existing electric pump fitted with a basic plastic coupler

AD988 Spill pallet


* There is a £130 per IBC deposit charged at the checkout. This is refunded in full on condition that the IBC is collected within 3 months, tamper evident quality seals are in place and the IBC is empty, undamaged and fit for use. IBCs remain the property of Tennants at all times and cannot be refilled or returned to other parties.

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