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AdBlue® for Commercial HGV and PSV

Since the introduction of Euro IV emissions standards in 2005, and the even more stringent Euro V and Euro VI legislations that followed, AdBlue® has been a necessary part of a Diesel Engine Road Vehicle.

AdBlue is used to convert NOx exhaust fumes into harmless Nitrogen, and steam. Whether you operate a Commercial Fleet, Bus and coach, or a municipal fleet, Greenox has a solution for your AdBlue requirements. Greenox offers our AdBlue® in all pack sizes, with an option suitable for all operators.

Our bulk supply offer is especially popular, which incorporates our REACT telematics system. Once the tank stock reaches an agreed refill level, we will contact you to arrange your top up, or if you prefer, we can refill automatically against standing order.

Greenox AdBlue® is manufactured by Tennants Distribution, the largest independent producer and distributor in the UK. With three of the largest dissolving plants in the UK, our AdBlue® is transported using dedicated in-house tankers to Tennants’ network of 7 distribution hubs. All depots operate their own HGVs for a fast and reliable delivery service, where we offer metered bulk deliveries from 1,000 to 26,000 litres from our dedicated tanker fleet.


AdBlue® Transfer and Pumping Equipment

Dispensing AdBlue® from either drums or IBC’s can be undertaken by using either a manual or electrically operated pump. Your choice can depend of the size of your fleet, how many SCR vehicles you operate and your vehicle’s annual mileage.

We have a wide-range of high quality pumps and dispensers available, all of which are engineered to withstand the day-to-day handling in the transport yard, and ensure that the quality of your AdBlue® is never compromised.


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REACT™ App is an innovative software system that lets you manage AdBlue®tanks remotely - online, by tablet or by mobile phone. Access tank levels and machine alerts to fuel reports and history information, with all data stored at a secure centre.