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Marine Urea / AUS40

As the world evolves to be more conscious than ever about the environment, all sectors are looking to ways to reduce or clean up their emissions. This is no different for the Offshore and Marine sector. The latest generation of vessels are using SCR systems (Selective Catalytic Reduction) to comply with strict marine legislation set by the IMO.

Known as AUS40, or Marine Urea Solution, this requirement that is produced to ISO18611 has similar properties to AdBlue which is the NOx reduction agent used in Commercial Fleets and Vehicles onshore. The production of this agent is carried out with premium grade raw materials. The fluid is then stringently tested at critical points during the production process.  This means AUS40 will be produced to the utmost quality and will ensure the highest performance from the NOx abatement system.

With our UK based production facilities, you can be guaranteed of continuous supply of AUS40.  With a distribution network capable to supplying all local terminals; We can supply anywhere in the UK as and when you require it. With comprehensive experience having supplied the SCR market since 2005, we can tailor storage and dispensing systems for all sea going ships and inland vessels.

If you considering supplying Marine Urea® or would like to keep your customers’ vessels compliant and become part of our network of dockside supply partners – We are happy to discuss bunkering stations, or other ways you can sell AUS40 to your clients.

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