The Greenox team can help you with:


Choosing the best storage options for you operations

Planning and installation of bulk tanks

Managing your stocks, including GSM telemetry for bulk users

Upgrading equipment as your SCR fleet grows


Contact Details


Tennants North West (Manchester)
Mobile number: 07970 134474
AdBlue sales managers: Chris Andrews
Email: [email protected]


Tennants North East (Leeds)
Mobile number: 07970 814 634
AdBlue sales manager: Nick Auty
Email: [email protected]


Tennants Midlands (West Bromwich)
Sales office: 0121 557 9751
AdBlue sales managers: Nick Neath (West) & Neil Kovac (East)
Email: [email protected] [email protected]


Tennants South (Purfleet)
Mobile number: 07538 091 796
AdBlue sales manager: Graham Cheesman 
Email: [email protected]


Tennants Scotland (Glasgow)
Mobile number: 07753 583162
AdBlue sales manager: Martin McGarvey
Email: [email protected]


Tennants Northern Ireland (Belfast)
Sales office: 02890 455 135
AdBlue sales manager: Stanley Hamilton
Email: [email protected]


Tennants Eire (Dublin)
Sales office: +353 1451 4099
AdBlue sales manager: Richard Liffey
Email: [email protected]



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