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The Tennant Group began in Glasgow in 1797 when Charles Tennant invented a stable process for bleaching cloth; a revolutionary process at the time which transformed the textile industry and led to Tennants becoming a Global chemical producer. Since that time, the Tennant Group has developed into a successful, independent, chemical company, involved predominantly in the manufacture and distribution of chemicals. Today, Group annual turnover exceeds £500m, employing over 1000 people worldwide.

Every day the products supplied by Tennants enhance the lives of millions of people"

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Tennants Distribution is a vital part of the Tennant Group and with a distribution turnover amounting to over £150m we are the UK's leading independent distributor of chemicals. Primarily focused on the UK and Ireland, we have an extensive network of strategically located depots providing a fast nationwide delivery service, each accredited to ISO9001 and with their own fleets of delivery vehicles.

Currently, we act as distributors for some of the world’s largest chemical manufacturers, stocking over 3000 products. We add value for our customers by being able to offer a wide variety of products in packaging formats most appropriate to their needs including bags, drums, IBC and bulk tanker quantities.

Through years of working in partnership we have developed efficient supply chain solutions, vital for both customers and suppliers. Additionally, to enable Tennants to meet the trend towards the increased globalization of businesses, we are partners in Penta, a major chemical distributor group based in Europe. This enables us to offer best in class solutions, for suppliers and customers throughout mainland Europe, with links to other chemical alliances worldwide.