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Bulk tank stock management

AdBlue® is a critical operating fluid for your vehicle and Tennants can help to reduce downtime by monitoring your bulk tank stock level and ensuring that refills of Greenox® are made efficiently and in time.

The Greenox® REACT™ telemetry system uses wireless GSM technology and is fitted as standard to all Greenox® bulk tanks for your peace of mind, allowing you to concentrate on other more important areas of your business.

REACT™ telemetry can also be retrofitted to most types of tank, allowing us to take over management of your stock.


Benefits of the REACT™ system:

  • AdBlue® is always available
  • Reduced AdBlue® cost as delivery size is maximised
  • Accurate forward forecast based on your actual daily consumption pattern
  • Improved fleet utilisation
  • Removes the need for manual daily level checks
  • Optimiz]sed resupply logistics


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