AdBlue®for Railway Trains

Train operators throughout Europe are meeting the latest legislation on NOx limits for trains by using AdBlue®.  AdBlue® allows the reduction of nitrogen oxide emissions (NOx) in diesel locomotives that are equipped with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems.

To ensure the best performance in your SCR locomotive, you should only use only AdBlue® that comes from a consistently reliable provider such as Greenox AdBlue from Tennants Distribution.

AdBlue® Equipment

We can offer bulk AdBlue® systems for your train network.  This will include:

Installation of AdBlue® tank to suit the requirements in the short and longer term.

Provision of the Greenox REACT™ telemetry system that monitors your inventory to prevent outage.

Our expertise as an experienced UK leading provider that has expertise supplying AdBlue® to the rail industry.

Our AdBlue® is transported using dedicated in-house tankers to a network of 7 distribution sites for a fast and reliable delivery service.

A strict quality control chain is in place which enables Greenox to trace any AdBlue® product delivered to back to the manufacturing batch, for which a full test certificate to ISO22241 can be provided. Production samples are retained for the shelf life of the products.

Our commercial team are happy to share their knowledge and expertise, and offer all railway operators guidance on the use of AdBlue®.

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