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Raw materials

Only two components are needed to make AdBlue®:

Urea - a synthetic chemical produced from Ammonia and Carbon Dioxide (pictured right) 

Water - purified and free from trace minerals or other chemicals

Production process

There are two main production routes used for AdBlue®

1. By dissolving solidified Urea granules (called prills) in purified water at a location close to the market where it is needed

2. By dissolving the synthetic Urea stream in pure water at a Urea factory

Providing that the correct quality controls and testing regimes are in place, both of these routes produce AdBlue® of the required quality.

Greenox® production in the UK

Because most of the volume of AdBlue® is water and there are no Urea production plants remaining in the UK, we believe that the most ecomonical way to supply AdBlue® nationwide is by local dissolving of Urea prills. In this way Greenox® can be supplied to you efficiently, quickly, and with the lowest carbon cost. In addition it is possible to store a greater quantity of dry raw materials to cater for fluctuations in demand meaning that Greenox® will always be available when you need it. 





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