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Shelf Life

The shelf life of AdBlue® depends on storage conditions, ideally out of direct sunlight and in a cool place. The following are recommended in ISO22241:

Constant ambient storage temperature (ºC) Minimum shelf life (months)
≤ 10 36
≤ 25 18
≤ 30 12
≤ 35 6


AdBlue® is mildly corrosive and should not be stored or dispensed from equipment made of mild steel, brass, copper or aluminium as these elements will be deposited on the catalyst causing irreversible damage.

The freezing point of AdBlue® is -11.5 ºC; freezing does not compromise the quality and any frozen AdBlue® can still be used once it has thawed.


AdBlue® is a colourless, non-flammable liquid which is should be either odourless or have a very slight smell of Ammonia. It is not classified as hazardous for road transport or storage.

The specification and Material Safety Data Sheets for Greenox® can be found in the download area.

Greenox® dispensing equipment is designed to reduce the possibility of operators coming into contact with the AdBlue®, whilst also protecting the quality of the AdBlue®. Greenox® IBC dispensing equipment fitted with Micromatic couplings comply with the British Standard BS6356 Part 9 for closed transfer performance.

Handling and storage should always be carried out in line with industry best practice and consideration should always be given to the environment when planning storage facilities, particularly the location of drains and boreholes. Advice is available on the Environment Agency website, www.environment-agency.gov.uk regarding storage and spillages.

Spillages can create a slip hazard so should always be removed by thorough rinsing or absorbing with a spill kit.






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