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AdBlue® consumption is determined by many factors including engine load, travelling terrain, engine size and temperature. The best way to estimate AdBlue® usage is by comparison to the amount of diesel that you would expect to use. The following estimates are based on both customer experience and our years of operating SCR systems in the Tennants fleet.



Commercial vehicles

   Quantity of Diesel per week (litres)
 Application:      1000         2500         5000         7500        10000       15000       20000       25000       35000       50000   
 Light duty (<18 tonne GVW)  30 75 150 225 300 450 600 750 1050 1500
 Medium duty  50 125 250 375 500 750 1000 1250 1750 2500
 Heavy duty (>35 tonne GVW)      60 150 300 450 600 900 1200 1500 2100 3000
   Quantity of AdBlue per week (litres)


Recommended method of AdBlue® refilling & storage based upon the above:

  Cans or barrels

  1000 litre IBCs

  Mini bulk storage tank

  Midi bulk storage tank

  Maxi bulk storage tank


Bus & Coach

AdBlue® usage in buses & coaches depends mainly upon the type of routes that are being operated, as AdBlue® does not inject into the exhaust system unless it is above at least 200ºC. As a guide we would recommend using the following estimated consumption for planning storage, but as always the vehicle supplier should be consulted if accurate figures are needed:

Local/Urban routes: 


9 litres AdBlue® per day per vehicle 

National/long distance routes:


15 litres AdBlue® per day per vehicle



Agricultural & Construction

AdBlue® usage by vehicles and machines in this class varies greatly, due to the wide range of operating conditions and engine demands, for example a tractor being used as either a stationary or motive power source. 


Passenger Cars

Passenger car mileage is very low compared to a commercial vehicle as is the operating load on the engine. The majority of passenger car SCR systems have been designed with an AdBlue® storage tank large enough to last in between service intervals, so that AdBlue® replacement becomes a service item rather than a user top up. You should never fill any fluid other than genuine AdBlue® into your vehicle's AdBlue® tank and also you should never fill any other system on your car (fuel tank, radiator, washer bottle, DPF fluid tank) with AdBlue®






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