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t. 0161 205 4454
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Contact Details

Tennants North West (Manchester)
Sales office: 0161 205 4454
AdBlue sales managers: Chris Andrews


Tennants North East (Leeds)
Sales office: 01924 474 447
AdBlue sales manager: Mike Copley


Tennants Midlands (West Bromwich)
Sales office: 0121 557 9751
AdBlue sales managers: Nick Neath (West) & Neil Kovac (East)


Tennants South (Purfleet)
Sales office: 01708 860 075
AdBlue sales manager: Graham Cheesman 
Email: graham.cheesman@greenoxsolution.co.uk 
Tennants Scotland (Glasgow)
Sales office: 01698 717 900 
AdBlue sales manager: Martin McGarvey
Email: martin.mcgarvey@greenoxsolution.co.uk
Tennants Northern Ireland (Belfast)
Sales office: 02890 455 135
AdBlue sales manager: Stanley Hamilton
Tennants Eire (Dublin)
Sales office: +353 1451 4099
AdBlue sales manager: Richard Liffey
Email: rliffey@ctennant.ie


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